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Serving Saskatoon and area

 Creative Drafting & Design creates construction drawings that are clear and concise, ensuring construction proceeds smoothly and efficiently. These plans can be used to get your permits and quotes and then by any builder or contractor who will construct your dream home. We love what we do and are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration.


Our clients trust us with their projects and know that our team will be there with them every step of the way. In a 21st century marketplace, we realize that building beautiful solutions isn’t enough. That’s why our team will make sure that the projects we design are affordable and results-driven. Take a look at our site and get in touch with us today.


Because families are as different as their interests, their homes will reflect how they interact with those interests.

A few questions related to your situation:

What is the size and shape of the lot? Do you work out of your home and need an office? Where does your family spend the most time? How important is a formal dining room? How much entertaining does your family do? Do you need a separate media room? Do you need a 2-car garage? What style of home would fit in the neighborhood and subdivision? Does the home computer need to be in a location where children can be supervised? What do you dislike about the house in which you’re now living? What do you love about it?

People vary greatly; – your home should fit your needs and lifestyle, as well as the site. Families are looking to create an environment of togetherness and hospitality. Today’s homes offer larger, more open, gathering areas where family and friends can seek comfort and connection with others.


A picture is a more than a thousand words! Even a thousand words may give us a weak mental picture of our dream home. Will my home have the look that I want? Do I want it to appear grand and elegant or comfy and cozy? What about curb appeal; or the WOW factor?

Humans are visual creatures! Our eyes are like an extension of the brain. The two work together in instant communication of information. Therefore, a concept rendering can help us to quickly envision the outward appearance of our new home.

Floor plans

We specialize in custom, private, home designs. The wonderful house plans you see on the internet are most likely custom designed. Professionals, who have the experience to scout unanticipated possibilities, have developed these homes. So, if you want a house that is one of a kind; a house that feels like home, then you’ll need to hire a custom house plan designer. Building a new home will take much effort and expense, and therefore it is not wise to cut corners on design. We would like to help you avoid costly errors and build a home that is uniquely yours. We can also modify existing plans to meet your specific needs.


Step #1 Preliminary Design  – FLAT FEE

Step #2 Basic Blueprints – 8 SETS INCLUDED


8am - 6pm

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"You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledge hammer on the construction site."

Frank Lloyd Wright

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